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Created on Aug 10, 2011 ● Channel Link: channel/UCqrxoI6XuLkVEY4S-oXibnA (archive) user/wobblecraftdubz (archive)

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greenDot.png Recovered

orangeDot.png Partial

redDot.png Unrecovered

greyDot.png Unknown status

Videos by Wobblecraft
Published Title Status
May 18, 2012 greenDot.png [Electro] LewisW - Gumba Skank Status icon Deleted
May 14, 2012 greenDot.png [Moombahton] Moxix & Mojo - Shaolin Funk (XKore Remix) Status icon Private
Dec 4, 2011 greenDot.png Tim Ismag - X Men Status icon Deleted
Aug 31, 2011 greenDot.png Dirt Monkey - Imperial March (FREE) Status icon Deleted
Aug 27, 2011 greenDot.png Devin Martin - Killbot (FORTHCOMING ULTRAGORE) [CLIP] Status icon Deleted

Videos by Wobblecraft (uncertain dates)
Published Title Status
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