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These are the requirements for a channel to be supported.

  • The channel:
    • must have a professionally designed layout and title format that is used in the videos. More than one layout is allowed.
    • must have more than one thousand subscribers on YouTube.
    • under most circumstances has to be an EDM channel.
    • must have at least one known removed video.
      • In addition, the video must be recovered, either the thumbnail or the video itself, both are not required.
    • must not be a channel that uploads only lyric videos. An exception to this is a channel that used to upload EDM songs but transferred into a lyric channel.
    • must not be a channel that has the majority of their uploads being mixes/compilations. An exception to this is a channel that uploads normal songs but periodically uploads mixes/compilations.
  • In addition, if the channel has under ten thousand subscribers, it:
    • must be active (uploaded a video within the last 3 months)

If you would like a channel to be added to this page, contact us at removededmsongs@gmail.com.
Note that this checklist does not guarantee the supporting of the channel you are requesting. It is simply a list of guidelines for a channel to have a chance at being supported.

  • For a list of channels we have support for, see here.

NOTE: Channels that blatantly do not meet the requirements will not be on this page, this page only includes channels which DO meet the requirements but cannot be supported on our website due to the explain reason(s).

List of unsupported channels

This is in alphabetical order.

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