Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix) [Silk Sofa]

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Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix) [Silk Sofa]
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Published on Mar 13, 2015
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Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix) [Silk Sofa]Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix) [Silk Sofa] | Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix) [Silk Sofa]}}
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iTunes & Beatport release date: March 26th, 2015

▼ Release Tracklist:
01 Orion & J.Shore - The Night After (Gorm Sorensen Remix)
02 Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix)
03 Goldroom - Fifteen (Orion & J.Shore Remix)

In December 2011, the Finnish brother-duo Orion & J.Shore released their artist album "Brotherhood" on Silk Sofa. It is a pleasure for us to finally showcase a number of chillout and downtempo remixes of several standout cuts from their album. The second and final part features brilliant interpretations by Gorm Sorensen and Turismo, as well as a special new remix by Orion & J.Shore themselves.

Silk Sofa label manager Gorm Sorensen (Denmark) contributes with a soothing remix of "The Night After". Haunting pad layers and intricate piano notes introduce the track, and lush sound effects contribute to the gorgeous soundscape. Later, the guitar riff from the original emerges, while a delicate piano and ethereal choir stems combine beautifully in the delightful atmosphere.

Initially featured on the single release of "Architect's Dream", we're pleased to re-release the strong remix from Turismo (Finland). After an intro with well-structured sound effects and atmospheric elements, a number of compelling percussion elements begin to emerge. Later, energetic pad stabs provide additional texture, while the original orchestral elements float perfectly beneath.

As a special treat to this release, Orion & J.Shore remixed Goldroom's hit single "Fifteen". It starts out with gorgeous guitar riffs, lush pad layers, and subtle piano notes. Chela's beautiful vocal soon embraces the soundscape, and the supportive piano line starts to build up more energy in the background. The theme part showcases a number of lovely string lines, which in combination with the lush chorus provide a stunning zenith.
▼ Photography:
Photographer: Adam Marshall
Website: http://stereocolours.tumblr.com/

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