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Created on Jun 17, 2011 ● Channel Link: channel/UCiuaPbnqzf7APHMBVnpyzzQ (archive) user/dropthatbassline (archive)

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About Drop the Bassline

Welcome to Drop the Bassline! If you are interested in the BEST Dubstep, Trap, Memes and more then you are in the right place.

What does Drop the Bassline do?
Our team works with thousands of new and established music artists, graphic design artists and record labels in order to promote their work to a wider audience. Over the past 9 years, we have spent thousands of hours creating artwork, videos and helping to transform artists careers around the world.

If you enjoy the content, please drop a like and subscribe to the channel! Join us in the comment sections :) #BassHeads
For playlist placements, please email dropthabassline@gmail.com

Submit all originals, remxies and/or theme songs here: dropthabassline@gmail.com
I make all videos with Adobe After Effects. Thumbnails are made in Adobe Photoshop.

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