Daft Punk - Stronger (Da Tweekaz Remix) [Shintek's Trap Bootleg]

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Daft Punk - Stronger (Da Tweekaz Remix) [Shintek's Trap Bootleg]
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Published on Jan 28, 2013
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Daft Punk - Stronger (Da Tweekaz Remix) [Shintek's Trap Bootleg]Daft Punk - Stronger (Da Tweekaz Remix) [Shintek's Trap Bootleg] | Daft Punk - Stronger (Da Tweekaz Remix) [Shintek's Trap Bootleg]}}
This is Shintek his first release that's featured on our channel and based on the quality of this production. We can tell that this guy has some serious skills and you can expect more releases in the near future. Shintek released this tune for his fans to celebrate reaching 10.000 subscribers on his YouTube page, which is HUGE! 10.000 subscribers is an amazing milestone and kinda shows on what level this producer already is. This track is great mixture of the original dance track by Daft Punk with some Hardstyle influences and of course the Trap vibe we all love. The variety in this track is great and kinda makes you wanna listen to this track from beginning till end.

Shintek is an amazing versatile producer and definitely a promising artist to check out for in 2013!

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