ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Ezenia Bootleg) [Free Release]

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ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Ezenia Bootleg) [Free Release]
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Published on Dec 9, 2019
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ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Ezenia Bootleg) [Free Release]ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Ezenia Bootleg) [Free Release] | ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Ezenia Bootleg) [Free Release]}}
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.Artist: ABBA
.Title: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Ezenia Bootleg)
.Date: 07.12.2019
.Quality: 1411 kbps WAV / 44.100Hz / Stereo

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Special thanks goes to Alexiuss: with the art "Machinery of the Stars"

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This channel is dedicated to the more melodic, uplifting and euphoric side of hardstyle. I'm always trying my best to upload in the best possible sound quality by remastering if necessary.

Both latest and greatest from both non-signed and signed artists as well as older classics will be featured. Requests and suggestions are welcome.

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If you are an upcoming producer with minimum 3 years of experience don't hesitate to contact me at or give me a PM either here on YouTube or Facebook and I might concider uploading your track(s). Every track will be auditioned but every demo will not recieve a reply due to limited amount of time at hand.

I can also master your tracks if desired for free using professional mastering tools and my own experience. I might not accept every track for mastering depending on how busy I am.

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I'm doing this out of promoting point of view only, I do not take advantage of advertising or sponsorship, I'm doing this mostly for free as a hobby! All rights goes to the producers and the labels and other involved acts.

If YOU, the artist, label manager or a 3rd party find some of my uploads inappropriate, please email me at or give me a private message and I'll remove it as soon as possible, thanks!

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